GASTRONOMY IS OUR PASSION....WELLNESS OUR MISSION...this motto perfectly defines our reason for being.

Food has been our core business for over 40 years.  We lead the catering industry as culinary innovators and purveyors of quality.  We deliver our services to a wide variety of target audiences, from workers deployed on remote on-shore/off-shore worksites to passengers on board some of the most prestigious cruise lines in the world.

Webster's concise encyclopedia defines the word "Gastronomy" as the "art of selecting, preparing, serving, and enjoying fine food".  Naturally, we leave the enjoyment part to our clients, but when it comes to putting the artisic flair gastronomy demands to the service of our customers we have it down to a science.  Our gastronomical expertise is rooted in our 40-plus year high-cuisine experience in the luxury-cruise market, and therefore, we can confidently say we know a thing or two about pleasing some of the most demanding clientele around the world.  Throughout the years, our corporate culinary department has been able to attract some of the most experienced, talented, well-regarded chefs in the international catering community.   As a result, it is no surprise that the Apollo brand has become synonymous with quality, or another way of putting it, with customer satisfaction.

Consistently and reliably, we successfully translate our outstanding level of excellence to all our catering operations worldwide, regardless of the level of culinary complexity involved.  From hearty comfort food capable of delivering that "home-made" feeling, to highly elaborate culinary creations worthy of the finest dining, we have the experience and gastronomical ability to adapt our catering solutions to the needs and budgets of our clients without comprising our high standards.

Proud to follow in the grand tradition of the influential "grande cuisine" of France, Apollo Global Catering has formed a partnership with the Académie Nationale de Cuisine de France, through its USA chapter ANC-USA.  The American chapter of this prestigious gastronomic French organization was created in February of 2013 with the vision of becoming a leader in the professional and personal development of the culinary community.  To achieve this vision the ANC-USA has set out to promote current and innovative culinary techniques while at the same time engaging in efforts to preserve the rich history and traditional skills of the culinary craft.  This clearly undercores Apollo Global Catering's commitment towards fostering in our culinary experts the kind of high-level qualifications and experience members of this prestigious institution exemplify.


  Our Catering Services  

  • Emphasize freshness, taste and appearance
  • Deliver flavorful and balanced meal plans with healthy options
  • Provide flexibility with full hot meals around the clock: breakfast, lunch, dinner and late dinner services
  • Ensure meal variety with six to twelve weeks menu cycles
  • Offer bag lunch services for day and night crews to take to the field
  • Make snacks & drinks (hot and cold) available 24 hrs
  • Include sandwich, salad bar and grill services with "made to order" options
  • Handle special events, VIP meals and last minute special request with skill and aplomb
  • Can implement menus to cater to all ethnic backgrounds and nutritional needs
  • ALWAYS follow the most strict hygene and food safety standards  



By virtue of our own in-house culinary development department headed by Master Chef Bernard Cuillier –senior member of ANC-USA –  we are able to continually improve menus and recipes to better serve the needs of our clients.






 Our outstanding culinary professionals use Apollo Global Catering-designed software to create and digitally store menu programs dedicated to each client. The entire process encompasses recipe creation, testing, dish photography and reproduction, menu books creation and laminating, and camp and/or shipboard implementation supervised by the corporate culinary staff. The marriage between our Chef’s culinary expertise and the powerful menu/recipe software allows us to deliver a consistently high-quality experience to our clients.

Apollo Global Catering also offers tailor-made culinary programs for special requirements and/or work environments. We colaborate closely with nutritionists to develop healthy-choice menus which emphasize a variety of high-powered nutrient-rich ingredients and healthier cooking methods consistent with the ultimate goal of helping mantain and enhance the performance and long-term well-being of the workforces under our care.  Additionally, we can also design and implement nutritional profiles customized for specific job requirements or to conform to wellness programs and/or medical regimens.


We have transformed gastronomy into the art......and now science of good food.