Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Apollo Global Catering belongs to a family of companies - The Apollo Group - which employs over 50 different nationalities. We recognize that this diversity is a core value of our group, and as such we treasure and encourage it. Our employees represent the same broad range of communities, client needs, and geographical areas that we serve around the world.

We believe in treating our employees fairly, honestly, and with respect, which directly results in
a happier workforce and increased productivity. Training and development is a core focus of our
business, empowering our employees to progress within our organization and fulfill their personal goals.

Another important objective of our company is to provide our employees with a safe and healthy work
environment, always vigilant of safety and dietary requirements, tailored to each particular job site and
tasks performed.

Our main focus and priority is to support the local communities in which we work by hiring local labor,
purchasing local products, and generally supporting the local infrastructure. Our goal is to create a
long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship between our company and the local communities.

Finally, environmental stewardship has become a top priority in all our actions. We create scalable and
sustainable programs that minimize negative environmental impact, and provide long term benefits.

Apollo Global Catering is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution in all of our activities in accordance with customer and legal requirements. Our goal is to educate employees about the importance of protecting the environment and supporting our customer’s environmental programs. We are also implementing internal programs to establish and meet environmental objectives and targets.  Our work camps and remote site services are custom tailored to meet your environmental protection, sustainability, community support and work place safety requirements and goals.  For example we:

  • Use environmentally friendly products
  • Reduce packaging and waste
  • Conserve energy
  • Make environmental practices an integral part of daily operations
  • Tread lightly in order not to leave an environmental footprint