Our Company

Our Company

Apollo Global Catering, member of The Apollo Group, specializes in providing on-site catering, procurement and support services to onshore and offshore remote work sites worldwide.

Our group has over 40 years of combined experience providing quality food and hospitality services to large groups of people in all sorts of environments. Our expertise runs the gamut: from luxury cruise ships, to oil and gas operations to disaster relief efforts.

Over the years our company has earned the trust and loyalty of customers by providing affordable quality, innovation and consistent performance. In turn our customers’ loyalty has helped us to grow into a financially strong entity capable of mustering an average purchasing volume of more than USD 100 million a year and of serving over 35,000 meals every day to hard-working men and women worldwide.

We are a catering services company at our core, but we also have vast experience in the supply of food products and hotel consumables to clients all over the world.

Our company ethos is to continually improve in order to always be ready for the next challenge. No matter how long or difficult the mission we tackle on behalf of our clients, we have the experience, the know-how and the resources to stay the course.


  • We believe in the relentless pursuit of quality 
  • We define quality as fully understanding our customer’s business and meeting all of our customer’s needs
  • We operate with utmost respect for the environment
  • We run our operations in a socially responsible way fostering the well-being of local communities
  • We always strive to provide the safest work environment no matter what part of the world or work environment we operate in
  • We make sure that our corporate culture & policies promote strong ethical behavior at all levels
  • We believe in generating value added for our clients by providing them with tailor-made, competitively-priced, cost-effective solutions
  • We provide a high level of reliability which stems from our financial strength, logistical prowess, flawless execution and exceptional contingency planning
  • Our unique blend of customer focus, pricing, expertise, experience and reliability affords us a competitive advantage which accrues to the benefit of our clients